marshall your own trains on the wall


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These friezes consist of a locomotive and three carriages, printed on poster paper and packed in a plastic sheath. They are designed to be struck on a wall with wallpaper glue. The length of each set varies according to its makeup, but the average length is 148cm. Each set can be purchased by downloading an order form.

The idea started when we lived in a house overlooking the east coast main line during the last year of steam haulage. So far the emphasis has been on the A4's and their worthy successors the Deltics.

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Mallard 38/42

Mallard 42/48

Mallard 48/49

John Paige - Mallard 49/52

Mallard 49/52

John Paige - Mallard 52/53

Mallard 52/63

70000 "Britannia"

John Paige - D9002

Deltic 9002

The King's Own Yorkshire light Infantry

Royal Higland Fusilier

John Paige - 9000

Royal Scots Grey

Gordon Highlander

The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry


Sir Nigel Gresley 76/94

Sir Nigel Gresley 50/52

Union of South Africa 59/63

Flying Scotsman 73/92
Flying Scotsman 61/63